More Bar Soaps

As I wrote in an earlier post, I have recently tried dozens of bar soaps. The prospect of sharing that experience is somewhat daunting. I share my own personal opinion; the experiences of others will depend on factors like skin type, individual sensitivities, individual needs, even local humidity. My experience will not be everyone’s.

I have done my best to determine that each of these products is a true soap, but as I recommend on the site, always, always check first.

Because I tried so many soaps, I am going to split this feedback into several posts, and sort the soaps into broad categories only:

A) Bar soaps I liked the best: neutral, relatively non-drying, but still left the skin feeling clean, even soft and neutral.

B) Bar soaps I thought were pretty good and neutral, but didn’t make my A-list for one reason or another, such as leaving a lot of soap residue on sink surfaces, having an overwhelming perfume, etc.

C) Bar soaps I found moisturizing that perhaps didn’t leave the skin feeling as clean as I would like.

D) Bar soaps I personally found too drying to use regularly. (Note that some of these are very popular soaps; individual experiences will vary. I list them here to provide as many choices as possible.)

Since I’ve already posted some of my A-list, I’ll start with a few choices in

Category B:
Bar soaps I thought were pretty good and neutral, but didn’t make my A-list for one reason or another.

Canus Goat’s Milk Soap, Naturally Rich Moisturizing
Johnson’s Baby Soap Bar
Skin Milk Bath Bar
Fruits & Passion French-Milled Soap Fieldberries
Green Tea Herbal Soap by Earth Therapeutics
Savon Deluxe Almond and Oatmeal

A special comment on the last two products: both would have made my A-list except for two reasons: strong or unusual scents and the fact that both are exfoliating products with hard granules in them. That’s a problem for me, but it might make the products desirable to someone else.


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